The South Bay Bears is a social group for Bears and their  friends in the South San Francisco Bay Area. It's primary purpose and  objective are: (a) To provide support and encourage positive interaction  and involvement within the Bear community, as a whole, and especially  in the South San Francisco Bay area; (b) To further the community knowledge  and understanding of Bears and the Bear culture through social and informational  events held predominately in the South SF Bay area; and (c) To promote  a caring friendship and understanding within the Bear community and with  other individuals who enjoy the bear culture.

    Many of the members we looking for other Bears and Bear events in the South  Bay. The group was founded on April 15, 1996 after a meeting to determine  the interest level for forming another group in the South SF Bay area. The  founders hoped for a dozen bears/friends at this first meeting but only expected  5 or 6. They were quite surprised when 32 people attended the meeting.

    The organization currently has about 100 members and has already held hundreds  of events. One of our first more ambitious events was a food booth at the  San Jose Gay Pride festival in 1996. It was both a lot of work and a lot of  fun. In November of 96, the first annual South Bay Bear Hunt was held. It  was a double first. We were privileged to be responsible for choosing not  only the first Mr. South Bay Bear, but we were the first bear group in the  world to have a Ms. South Bay Bear.


    The majority of the events sponsored by the South Bay Bears are held within  the Santa Clara County, but some events are held in other locations to either  publicize the organization or to allow the group to attend attractions or  other functions.